Ex Jezebel Ministry


Posted on: October 3, 2013


We are in a season where the Lord is requiring
us to stop going to church just to get a quick fix that
will carry us through the week until the next Sunday! We are in the season where God has released a 911
in the spirit realm and many of us have not caught it!
Like the Sons of Issachar, we must know the time
and season we are in and then give the proper
response. It’s time for those of us that are still
sucking on Holy Spirit’s breast milk to stop licking our wounds and grow up QUICKLY! We are literally
running behind schedule and now we have to play
“Catch Up” but God is NEVER behind the times
because HE IS TIME! So for those of us that are still
wrapped in the chains of bondage, whatever that
bondage may be, I decree that as you are reading this, you will begin to feel the shaking of the chains
that have been choking the life out of you for years
drop off, in Jesus name! I decree that every devil,
every demon, every principality and every diabolical
force will back up off you as you take back your
authority in Christ and use the voice of power that God has given you. I decree that this is the season
that you will not only let go of your past but you will
bury it and give it a eulogy! I decree that you will no
longer operate out of your emotions but you will move
by way of Holy Spirit in everything you say, do and
think! I decree that you will allow God to remove the flies from your oil and the authentic anointing will
freely flow in your life. I decree that you will stop
looking for a man or a woman to satisfy you but you
will be completely satisfied with God until He sees fit
to send you His best. I decree that you will stop
rehearsing the same ole sad songs about who did you wrong but instead you will give God praise for allowing
you to become better, not bitter. I decree that your
mind, heart, soul and body is healed from all the fiery
darts and flaming missiles of the enemy. I decree that
your appetite for the presence of God will increase so
much that His presence will drip from your fingertips and you will leave a mark on whatever or whomever
you touch. I decree that every promise God has made
you will come to pass quickly, suddenly and
immediately as you stay in position, no matter what
the cost. I decree that you will only release the
oracles of God and never murmur and complain again. I decree that you will not be a counterfeit Christian but
you will live a life that is bold, authentic and sold out
for Christ, unashamed of who God has called you to
be. I decree that everyone that has put their mouth on
you and released venom against you will have to turn
around and eat the same words and give you an apology! I decree that you will walk in the character of
Christ with no compromise. I decree that what Holy
Spirit has impregnated you with will come to fruition in
its due season. You will not push before time, nor will
you have a breech birth, nor will you abort the twins,
(DESTINY & PURPOSE)! I decree that you are blessed beyond measure, your family is blessed, your
children and grandchildren are blessed, your finances
are blessed, your marriage is blessed, your home is
blessed, your business is blessed, your job is blessed
because you are there, your church is blessed and all
that you put your hands to will increase and multiply 100 fold. I decree that you will obey the Spirit of God
and complete your assignment on this earth! I decree
that you will carry the character of Christ with no
compromise and one day, you will hear the words,
“Job well done, My good and faithful servant,” in
Jesus name! Amen


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