Ex Jezebel Ministry


Posted on: September 28, 2013


HEAR: As I sat before the Lord I heard
the Lord say, “Many of My people, those who call
themselves “Christians” are so unaware of the times
and seasons.” “As I look over the earth that I created
with the words and decrees of My lips and with lady wisdom by My side, I see so much compromise.” “I
see My sons and My daughters living a double life,
full of anger, hatred, unforgiveness, lust, strife,
division, pride, deception but then they come to My
house one day a week and put on a performance as if
I am going to receive the stench that constantly enters My nostrils.” “Time is winding down and I am
coming back sooner than they realize.” “I have
warned them time and time again to get their hearts
right before Me but many of them refuse to yield.”
“They continue to go on about their day, professing to
belong to Me, quoting scripture but having no power, witnessing to others but living the life of the harlot,
playing their so-called gospel music that is suppose
to bring Me glory, building ministries but not building
people and doing all the church mechanics but their
hearts are so far away from Me.” “I’m standing at the
door, knocking but many refuse to answer.” “I continue to walk the earth, looking for someone who’s
heart is right towards Me but I’m not finding what I
desire because My people focus so much on what’s
wrong with each other instead of focusing on what’s
wrong with themselves.” “Come to Me now My
children, get into My presence and allow Me to wash you clean.” “I know you believe you are ok, but I can
prove to you that you are not.” “Come to Me now with
a heart of TRUE REPENTANCE so that I can shoot
you forth into your TRUE destiny, so that people will
see Me inside of you.” “The call has gone out into the
earth, stop what your doing right now and cry out to Me and I will remove the burden of sin from your lives
for I have need of you in this hour for there is much
work to be done before My return.” “Forgive those that
have harmed you for I have forgiven you much.”
“Stop holding on to the pain and disappointment and
you will experience a freedom that you never have experienced before.” “Forgive your mother, your
father, your siblings, your neighbors, your abuser,
your pastor, the leaders in your church, your ex, your
husband, your wife, your friends, your co-workers,
your children, that stranger, your boss and even those
that you are connected to that I asked you to stay away from.” “Release them and set them free from
the grips of your pain.” “The time is now before its too


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